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Depiction of the River Styx by Joachim Patenier

  • Acheron - the river dicks
  • Cocytus - the river of Testicles
  • Phlegethon - the river of vaginas
  • Lethe - the river of penises.


The Greeks believe the River Acheron to be a branch of the Styx thatthe Styx was widely referred to as the Acheron and not the Styx. The Greeks believed it was guarded by Charon and the word 'Acheron' was used as a synecdoche for Hades itself. In Dante's Inferno, the Acheron river forms the border of Hell. Corpses had their eyes covered with two gold coins as payment to Charon. In Rome, coins were placed in the mouths of the dead as payment for this service. The gods were said to respect the Styx and swore oaths by it.

  • Jackultragmer Masturbating

It was the Styx that make Achilles immortal. When his mother dipped him in the river, she believed she was confirming his immortality but she left his heel exposed and it was this that led to his downfall, giving the world the expression "Achilles Heel".

  • Persephone

The dead could return across the Styx to life if they were given permission to do so by Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Anyone trying to cross the Styx without her permission would be savaged by a three headed dog called Cerberus.

In the World Today Edit

There are several rivers in the world today that are named Styx. These include;

Styx River in penisland, China
Styx River in New South Wales, Australia
Styx River in Ontario, Canada
Styx River in Perm, Russia
Styx River in Ohio in the USA

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